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New Stories Added April 25, 2018

Pool Boy Ch. 57 - Honeymoon in Monte Carlo.
The Clan Wars Pt. 19 - The beginning of the end. A city burns.
Forced to Change Ch. 41 - A hitman falls in love with his target.
Lilith's Emporium: Awakened Ch. 02 - Selena's happy reunion may not be good for Jason.
House of Feathers Ch. 17: A Passing Encounter - Show and - maybe - tell.
Futanari Notebook Ch. 09 - Mary's Salvation.
Undercover Ch. 05 - Shaya and I take our relationship to a new level.
Sea Cruise Pt. 05 - Sea cruise evolves into a love boat.
Truth or Dare with a Twist Ch. 02 - Intrigue mystery.
Broken Zippers Pt. 02 - Getting used in the van.
Progression Ch. 09: Punishment - A gay guy is slowly introduced to wearing a chastity belt.
I Think I Might Regret This Ch. 04 - Jay realizes he has no regrets.
A Day at the Beach - Enemies decrease sexual tension in a weekend at the Hamptons.
Going Home Ch. 01 - An old punk comes home and sees the one he left behind.
Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 23 - The end of the last day in Scotland.
A Bun in the Oven Pt. 02 - On the continued quest to get a Thai lady pregnant.
Survival - A mother and daughter are given a new lease on life.
Where to Find Love Ch. 09 - A woman questioning who can give her love.
GTO - Niece - Gail's niece learns her secret.
Gym Milf Affair - Fit Mom finds appreciation at gym she's not getting at home.
Midnight - Vicky and Nate sit in a tree.
Warmth Pt. 03 - Endings and new beginnings.
The Contest Ch. 09 - The autumn wedding.
Microchips Ch. 01 - Dale learns about the Adult side of technology.
Boobers Waitress Pt. 03 - Elle is away. Willy graciously helps Janey with Lucy.
Her Old Self - Her hopeful old self never went away completely.
Erotic Sex Club Encounter - Lust and jealousy make for hot orgasmic sex.
The Island Pt. 01 - Richard and Ashley discover love on a strange island.
Monster Girl Encounter Ch. 03: Dullahan - A clingy Dullahan and a knight go from enemies to lovers.
Love in a Sunset - More magical sex for Carly! She's in love.
A Simple Pizza Dare - Dare gone very right.
The Old Toothbrush Ch. 01 - Husband plans to spring a mild surprise on his wife.
Princess - Going to war a recruit becomes much more than she expected.
A Good Ride Home - A young man meets a mature woman on a bus.
BH Ch. 01: Graveyard Shift - Mariesse the Necromancer faces an old adversary.
Creating an Addiction Pt. 02 - Continuing the story of how I created a cock craving hotwife.
Pink Lips Pt. 02: Birthday Suit - Part two to Lily and Blue's lusty adventures.
Remembrances Pt. 02 - Husband and

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