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New Stories Added January 23, 2017

Forgiveness - He seeks forgiveness for losing his temper.
Darkest Before the Dawn Ch. 02 - He considers an intimate offer.
Lila - A new town changed a quiet girl into a sexy club slut.
Love Knows No Color Pt. 15 - Shavonda's past comes back to haunt her in court.
The First SaR Mission Ch. 07 - And...Which asylum did you say that you escaped from?
The House of Dionysus Ch. 02 - James ventures into the dorm-wide orgy.
The Researcher Ch. 05 - Maris helps serge adjust to her world.
Retired 07 - A retired woman gets her husband involved.
Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon - Hart gets in the clutches of an amorous panda girl.
The Garden Recondite Pt. 03 - The old gardener and the young girls in a magical garden.
Cruel Wars - Leo gets in the clutches of an amorous tipsy Scylla.
Adult Truth or Dare - A married couple has first time sex with friends.
Dark Fantasy - A rich old man hires a Dom to train his young wife.
Emotionless Pt. 06 - Lauren will soon have to admit her new feelings.
The Punishment - Wife desires to be punished sexually for being a slut.
A Thousand Ways Good - When hard to be is meant to be.
Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 09 - Making friends at Lake Como.
Birthday Girl - She deserves a treat.
A Limo Ride for Troy - Wife wins free dinner and limo.
Payment Plan - Wife works out payment plan with handyman.
IR Development of Namibia Ch. 01-02 - White mother/daughter contract to be black bred.
The Bus Man Ch. 02 - A sissy faggot romance.
Disha's Dilemma Ch. 02 - Disha and Mike Meet.
Fantasy First Date Ch. 01 - When 'on-line' suddenly becomes reality.
The Destiny Seeker Ch. 01 - The Destiny Seeker Ch. 01

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