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New Stories Added June 20, 2018

The Literotica Annual Nude Day Story Contest! - Read the sexy themed stories! Submit your tale for fun fame & a chance at $$$!
A Nude Day Carol - Being a Ghost Story of Nude Day.
Limits - My introduction to National Nude Day.
A First Encounter with Orlene - Two English men meet a sexy French woman on a nudist beach.
Mr. Thomlinson's New Computer - I was never what many call "worldly."
It was an Itsy-Bitsy Teenie-Weenie... - Too small a swimsuit?
The Earworm - A field filled with naked women. A song stuck in your head.
The Light of the Golden Afternoon - Marlene agrees to model for her best friend Natalie.
Lady Godiva - The True Story - She rode naked as a big 'Fuck You' to her cheating husband.
Pushing Buttons Trending Turn-Ons - A couple's kinks prompt the urge to go nude on social media.
My First Official Nude Day - First nude day party.
Surprised AF - My life was perfect and then it got better.
ABC: Allie Needs an Audition - Girl learns to assert herself with men.
Karen's Nude Day with Coworkers - Fun in the sun and misunderstandings with the husband.
A Weekend in Paradise - A young woman's first trip to a nudist resort.
ABC: Betty Needs a Bull - What can you say about a girl like Betty?
Please Touch The Art - A conceited ex-wife finds herself in the spotlight.
Crossing the Stream - Letting it all hang out in the Rocky Mountains.
Client Satisfaction: High Heels - Taking turns while she’s bent over in heels.
Quest to See his Hot Teacher Naked - A teenager is determined to see his hot art teacher nude.
Naked Corpse - I find a naked woman's body in a ditch.
Weird but Awesome Day! - My first erotic story ever... Shemale exposed and fucked.
Ricardo and Juliana - My son and I encounter a father and daughter on a nude beach.
Pregnant Mommy - Mom finds an unorthodox way to go into labour… her son.
Across the Pond Ch. 07 - Feel like I'm running in circles...
Difficult to Reach Ch. 11 - When the weather turns against you love can still be found.
U-N-I Ch. 20 - The long-awaited reunion.
Airship Whores Ch. 02 - The crew of the Hidden Booty search for repairs to the ship.
SMOTP: Daily Orgasm Day 21 - ... draw your knees up show Me everything...
In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 30 - A little alone time.
Unconventional Theft Ch. 06 - Ashley helps Kono become more confident.
The Humper Game Pt. 05 Ch. 03 - For a while things settle into a groove.
I Love It When They Come Back Pt. 01 - A former student returns to say "thank you" in the best way.
In The Club - A young couple explore sharing her with a stranger in a club.
Executive Platinum Ch. 18 - Massage Sauna Voyeur and Exhibitionist - what's better?
Pure Effing Passion! - She makes love and lust by emancipating herself.
Camping Fun - Weekend camping trip turns to gangbang.
Not a Sound - A teacher is driven to temptation by an 'innocent' student.
Boat Cruise Anal - Couple get freaky on a hired boat.
Scott and Connor Ch. 03 - Second night of passion between freshman and senior.
The Meet Ch. 04 - The Meet Ch. 04

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